Patient Owned

Independent Source of Data

The Patient owns their own health record and can give access to any member of the healthcare system in order to receive the best possible care.

GP/Patient Relationship

Data resides in the SML cloud

Fast Delivery

Using existing health care data exchange protocols such as HL7 and FHIR.

No need for individual healthcare systems to devlope their own eHealth records

Integration & Continuity

Integration of records and continuity of care throughout the Healthcare System

Joined Up Care

Holistic Community Based

Primary care, normally via GPs and multidiciplinary teams, is typically responsible for coordinating care between hospitals, emergency services, pharmacies, out of hours care providers, patient care agencies and other levels of care.

This can often present continuity of care challenges with the patient having to provide their medical record verbally at each point of contact within the system.

The SML card and web system allows the patient’s medical record to move freely with them between the various elements of the healthcare system.

This benefit to patient flow will

  • Increase quality of care
  • Improve patient experience
  • Decrease costs
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